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Our Story

Brought together by a love of sarcasm and inappropriate jokes in a meme-driven Facebook group, we met for coffee and fell in love. We are three friends, passionate about empowering female entrepreneurs. We’ve all experienced feeling the pressure of the patriarchy in our corporate jobs and seen how women and minorities are not given the same credibility and consideration.

We’ve created The Gamma Collective to empower female entrepreneurs to evaluate, enhance, and elevate their passion projects and entrepreneurial ventures into scale-able, profitable businesses.

94% of polled mom’s said they believe running a business leaves a positive impression on their kids.*

One common struggle moms face when becoming entrepreneurs is balancing time between business and family. Our purpose at The Gamma Collective is to provide thorough trainings, transparent behind-the-scenes tutorials of how we run our own business and branding experts to help create your collateral, designs, and website. Whether you’re doing this for your family or for yourself, you deserve to be successful and we’re here to help.

Entrepreneurs with a mentor are 5x more likely to actually launch a business.*

We have collectively launched 4+ businesses and we understand how important mentorship is. However, having a one-on-one mentor can be expensive. The Gamma Collective was built to provide the same insight with strategy, structure, and motivation, while also providing access to our experts, training, and community as well. Our strategist can help align your mindset, while our hands-on experts can help build your business and make you launch or re-launch ready.

The Gamma Collective was created to empower Female Entrepreneurs, like you! We are here to help you find balance and success in your business by providing structure, training, community, and more! Check out our bios to learn more about the team behind The Gamma Collective.


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