Create a Vision for Your Biz


Picture this - it’s 8:30 am, your coffee is perfectly creamed…

You have the house to yourself and there is nothing looming around the corner to distract you from getting things done for your business. You log in, check your emails, check on your analytics, make yourself a little list of to-do’s for the day.

You are so ready to kick today’s butt!

Then you run into a little problem with the first task, but no worries - you put a pin in it and keep it moving. Nothing is stopping you today! But then you run into another snag, and another, and then you realize the 4th thing on your list isn’t even something you’re sure how to do. After ten minutes of Googling, you still can’t figure it out, but you realize… a’ha! You’ve found a ‘problem’ and being the smart business woman you are, you decide that this is your next big idea. You will learn how to solve said problem - for yourself and for others. You’ll teach, sell, or implement this solution. What a brilliant idea! This sparks a new idea, and another, and another. And before you know it, your to-do list for the day is tossed to the side, and now you’ve got a page full of new ideas and plans for your business.

Now, it’s 4:07 pm…

You’re exhausted from rush of energy and excitement you got from all the new ideas and you realize, you never really accomplished anything on your list. And your business is no better off today than it was yesterday. Yes, you came up with a few, possibly really great ideas, but do these ideas have a purpose? Do they make sense for your business, for your life? Omigosh did any of the work you put in today bring you any closer to your dream life?

Days like this happen - for highly creative and entrepreneurial people, we think they happen just a little more often than for most. It’s not always a bad thing to have so many ideas and be able to see the big picture. You can take a tiny idea and it into great business. You are very special for this reason.

We don’t want you to get discouraged or
waste all those brilliant ideas on scrap paper.

We want to help you focus that energy and those ideas so you can build your dream life. So, we’ve put together a lovely little 3 page worksheet to help you create your vision - or as we call it, Gamma Vision.


There is no better time than now to focus those ideas and quite frankly demand a little more from yourself. Trust us, you can do this. It is totally possible, and we’re here to help you commit and succeed.

Our Gamma Vision worksheet was created to help you organize your thoughts and ideas and really envision your dream life and create real goals to work towards. With this worksheet, we’ve decided to make a challenge out of it. Because…

The best motivation is good reason.

So, head on over to Join The Challenge and download the free Gamma Vision worksheet, fill that sucker out, and then head over to The Gamma Connect, our Facebook community and share your #GammaVision. We created this challenge because you are more likely to follow through once you’ve shared your commitment with others. You need to learn to be proud and open with your dreams and ideas. If you are hiding in a closet at 2am working on a secret business that your husband doesn’t even know about, how can you convince anyone else that your product or service is worth it?!

Girl, shine the brightest light on your dreams and stand proudly behind them!

Also, this way, if you have any questions, concerns, or fears about your dreams and ideas, you have our support and the support of the entire community behind you. We will figure this out together.

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