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Congratulations on your new Squarespace website! We are honored and thrilled to have been your choice for web design services. Now that your website design is complete, it’s time to take the reigns and learn to navigate and manage your new website. There will be more details and links in your Welcome Packet to help you maintain your site.

Let’s first, get you ready to launch your website! We recommend you complete these steps as soon as possible after you’ve paid the final invoice for our services. Our web design services come with 2 Weeks of Complimentary Web Support because we want to be there to help get you launch ready. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Once you have ownership of your website and you have paid for Squarespace, your website will automatically become live. We have created a ‘Launching Soon!’ landing page be a place holder until the necessary actions have been taken. These 5 steps are important for your website to run smoothly and they are things that require your information and logins, or else we would’ve done them, lol!

Remember, we provide 2-Weeks of Complimentary Web Support, so if you need any help with the set up, just let us know!



  1. Become the Owner of Your Site

  2. Connect Your Website to Your Email Marketing Platform

  3. Set-Up Shipping Rates and Payment Processor

  4. Connect Your Website to Your Social Media Platforms

  5. Update Demo Pages


step 1

This step begins as soon as we receive the payment notification from your final invoice. We will send you an email with a link to this tutorial (which is how you got here), a PDF copy of your Welcome Packet (also available in your Client Folder), and all additional files created for your website will be added to your Client Folder. After that email is sent, I will invite you as a contributor to your site.

  • Accepting Contributor Invitation

    • You will get an email notifying you of my invitation to your website as a contributor.

    • Click accept the invite in the email and it will take you to a web page to accept.

    • Click accept and confirm the correct email.

    • The video above shows what this will look like from your end.

  • Transfer Ownership

    • After you have accepted your invitation as a contributor, we will transfer the site ownership.

    • We will remain a contributor, this will make it easier for us to help during your 2 weeks of web support. After the 2 weeks are up, you can change our administrative abilities or revoke our access completely: details here.

  • Upgrade to Paid Site and Choose Your Domain

    • Log into Squarespace, hover over your website, and click Upgrade Now.

      • Not sure which plan to choose? Check out Squarespace pricing and features here.

      • Remember, because we are Squarespace Circle Members and we designed your website, you’ll get an automatic 20% off annual website and online store subscriptions - The discount applies to the first payment for your site.

    • After clicking upgrade now, you will fill out your payment information.

    • Click Subscribe and a receipt style box will pop up.

    • Click Find a Domain search button.

    • Enter your search and select your domain and click add to cart.

    • Click Proceed to Checkout at the bottom.

    • Fill out Domain Registration Information and click Place Oder.

    • Give it a minute to register your domain.

    • A purchase receipt will pop up, you can click Done or Add an Email if needed.


step 2

Now that you own and have paid for your website, you will need to connect your website to your Email Marketing Platform, Google Sheets, and/or Squarespace Email. After you have paid for your site and picked a domain, your site will automatically go live. In anticipation of this, we have set up a a ‘Launching Soon!’ landing page be a place holder until the necessary actions have been taken. However, on this landing page is a place for visitors to Sign Up to your email list while waiting for your website to launch. That is why this is the second step, we want to be sure your landing page is connected to your email marketing platform so you don’t miss out on any future clients/customers.

One weird thing about Squarespace, you have to connect your email marketing platform to each newsletter/sign-up form individually. There is not one place to connect them and have them automatically all go to one place. This is actually a good thing and helps you to understand where visitors are signing up most and helps to segment your email list for A/B Testing and/or to help connect and communicate better with your audience.

  • Connect Your Landing Page

    • Go to Pages, scroll down to Launching Soon, Scroll over the button, click Edit Action.

    • Check “Newsletter Signup” and click Edit Newsletter Signup.

    • Click your preferred connection, select your desired list.

      • The list you want, must exist in your email marketing account before connecting.

    • Click Save. Click Back and then Pages to return.

  • Connect Your Contact Page

    • Under Footer Navigation, Select Contact.

    • Scroll over the page and click edit.

    • Scroll over the form and click edit.

    • Go to the Storage tab and click your preferred connection, select your desired list.

      • For the contact form, I suggest connecting directly to your email so you get an email anytime someone submits this form.

    • Under the Advanced tab, you can write a Post-Submit Message which is what will pop-up after a user has clicked submit.

    • Click Save.

  • Connect Your Home Page Newsletter

    • Under Primary Navigation, Select Home.

    • Scroll down to your newsletter form.

    • Scroll over the page and click edit.

    • If you’d like, you can change the wording on your newsletter under the Display tab.

    • Go to the Storage tab and click your preferred connection, select your desired list.

    • Under the Advanced tab, you can write a Post-Submit Message which is what will pop-up after a user has clicked submit.

    • Click Save.


step 3

Now, you’ll need to set your shop up to ship physical items and take payments from customers. Use this link to read more about Squarespace’s Commerce App for Android and iOS.

  • Shipping Rates

    • From the Home menu, click Commerce and select Shipping.

    • Click Add Shipping Option.

    • Choose between Flat Rate or Depending on Weight.

      • If you’d like to use another shipping option, check them out here.

    • Choose a Shipping Zone and Save.

  • Payment Processors

    • With Squarespace you can connect to Stripe, Paypal, or both in order to accept payments.

      • Stripe allows you to accept Credit Card payments

      • Paypal is popular for international money transfers

        • To read more about processing fees for Stripe and Paypal, go here.

    • To connect with either payment processor:

      • In the Home menu, click Commerce, then Payments.

      • Click Connect with Stripe and/or Paypal.

        • This will open a pop-up for you to sign in or sign up for the service.

step 4

There are a few areas of your website that allow for Social Media interaction. There is a live Instagram feed which is automatically updated on your website every time you post on Instagram, as well as links from your website to your other social sites like Facebook and Twitter. You only have to set up social media accounts that you want connected to your website.

  • Connect Accounts

    • From the Home menu, click Settings and select Connected Accounts.

    • Click Connect Account, a pop-up will appear with a variety of accounts to connect.

    • One at a time, select an account and a pop-up will appear requesting the necessary information.

      • If it request your URL, simply go to your page in another browser window and copy the URL and paste it to the pop-up.

      • If you have any issues with this, let us know.

step 5

We finally made it, the last step! This one is the most tedious, yet possibly the easiest task.

  • Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

    • Every website needs a Privacy Policy and a Terms & Conditions page, just to cover your business legally. So, we’ve added those pages, and links to them at the very bottom of your website. There is Demo information in them, the information is good; however, you’ll need to go in and add Your Business Name and details where necessary.

  • FAQs

    • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) sections are really helpful for you and your website visitors. They give the visitors, clients, and/or customers a chance to learn more without having to ask you for anything. We did not make this page visible by your customers just yet, as you may not know what questions need answered.

    • We suggest you research common FAQs in your niche/industry and also begin a collection of questions you get from your audience. You can do so in this page and any time you are ready to share it, the link will be: yourwebsite.com/faqs.

      • This will be useful to share on social media, in email correspondence, or to add to your site. If you need help, let us know.


Learn more about using Mailchimp with Squarespace here.

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